Performance encore business Plan



Performance Encore (PE) organizes opportunity for adults to sing/perform live music at open mic’s, shows and outreach to residents of elder care facilities. PE additionally provides access to lessons, charts, recording and outreach. PE is based in a belief that music is medicine, being therapeutic to one’s mind and body, to both the performer and the audience.

Key Factors

Dedicated Performers (DP) - The DP’s are individuals who have a love for music. More specific the love of the vocal performance of jazz, standards and musicals. Some DP's have performed their whole life. Others have always desired or dreamed of performing but lacked the courage or opportunity. A few DP's are professional musicians. Most of the DP's have a day job or retired and sing at the occasional gig or open mic. All have a commitment to music that dominates their life.

Location – PE chose downtown Oakland to center many of its activities. This central location attracts DP's from San Francisco, Marin, the east bay and the Walnut Creek / Pleasanton valley. Convenient public transportation including a BART station provides easy access. Three events monthly are held at The Washington Inn, 495 10th Street, just off Broadway in Oakland. This boutique hotel provides excellent space that is very accommodating for PE’s events including stage, grand piano, lighting, PA, seating, full bar and food.

Performance Encore OPEN – Open is open, meaning anyone may attend, pay $20 and perform with a live band. Practice makes perfect, and the stage is yours in front of others, who also love to perform. The environment is friendly and supportive but stage fright is real and this real experience is the perfect practice for performance. The Open’s are held the second and fourth Mondays of each month at The Washington Inn. This is not Karaoke! This is performing with an experienced live band to an audience.

Performance Encore SHOW – The Show has grown and become an event that is truly an event. Five singers perform with a live band (quartet). Tickets are sold to an audience averaging about 80 attendees. With an MC, a stage, lights, graphics, sound system and musicians, the audience enjoys a potpourri of musical entertainment from 7pm to 9:30. The Show is the third Sunday evening each month.

Music Support - A key element to music is the tools necessary for performance and improvement. Specifically “charts” and vocal instruction can be expensive. PE has arraigned for DP discounts reducing some of the costs associated with performing.

Recording Support – A big part of music is recording. Recording is rewarding for multiple reasons: educational review, promoting oneself, personal library, legacy sharing and entertainment value. PE arranges for audio and video recording at its Open’s and Show’s. For a small fee, these recordings can be produced and uploaded to YouTube. This format gives many performers an audio visual recording that to do on their own is cost prohibitive or technically beyond reach. Performance is sharing ones talent with others. Audio, visual and YouTube expands the ability to share this talent. PE also organizes the opportunity to record at a top notch professional recording studio.

Outreach: Music Therapy – For the performer, singing is much more than entertainment - these rewards are so good it becomes clinically therapeutic. But this does not end with just the performer. For whatever reasons: rhythm, vibrations, historical memories, dancing, singing and playing instruments, music is medicine. Clinical studies are discovering the details of how music is therapeutic. PE has included Dr. Guosong Liu, PhD, a leading researcher of Alzheimer’s disease, on its board. PE believes the talent of its DP's can play a big role in being a provider of music medicine, Organizing and orchestrating music performers, who become the “therapists” to the patients who may benefit the most. PE is excited about experimenting and discovering the best implementation bridging the difficult gap of what is being learned and discovered in the laboratory but then how to best deliver this therapeutic medicine to the patients with the greatest need.

Founder, Management and Board

Nelson Chia – MANAGING DIRECTOR, PE exists because Mr. Chia has a passion for singing. He thrives on promotion along with organizing. This passion, promotion and organizing created PE. When friend and associate Dr. Guosong Liu’s discoveries were made public, suddenly the potential for PE to be involved as an organizer/provider to deliver these therapeutic concepts became a huge opportunity. Background: founder and CEO of WESPAC in 1977 specializing in providing legal, actuarial, compliance, reporting, record keeping, and consulting for ERISA qualified retirement plans. Services include investment advisory and executive benefit engagements. WESPAC continues to operate under Focus Financial Partners since 2008 and serving small to mid sized businesses in the western states.

Karma Raines – DIRECTOR OF TRAINING, The product of PE is organization. This vital role of day-to-day processes that is performed to serve our DP's and audience, is paramount to PE’s success. Background: Professionally trained in opera in early 90's, Karma has continued to expand her skill sets through various music styles with a special focus on jazz. Karma maintains her professional practice as a vocal coach. She is a specialist of the "Complete Vocal Technique" as she seeks to complete her CVT designation.

Anthony Reese – DIRECTOR OF FINANCE – The business format of PE with its music experience and promotion of its therapy is not a profit making business. Because of this, the finance of PE is critically important and difficult. Background: After receiving his Master's degree at Harvard in the 80's, Anthony has served near exclusively with non profit organizations in various executive capacities. He is a dedicated professional with a wide breadth of experience working in the philanthropy community.

Guosong Liu, MD, PhD – DIRECTOR – It is the scientific research of Dr. Liu that transitions and gives clinical credibility to PE. PE is more than just another open mic. Being an important part of the medical therapeutic process is breaking new ground for music performance. Background: Founder and CEO of Neurocentria, a biotech firm seeking the cure to Alzheimer's disease. Dr. Liu received his PhD in Physiological Sciences from UCLA in 1990. He completed his post doctorate training at Stanford University prior to his faculty position at Picower Institute of Learning and Memory at MIT till 2005. Dr. Liu is a world renowned expert in synaptic physiology, learning, memory, and emotional control. His company has created novel strategies for designing molecular targets that treat neurodegenration and prevent brain atrophy.

Lawrence Marcus – DIRECTOR OF COMMUNICATIONS AND MARKETING – An extremely important and difficult task is to get the music to those who can most appreciate or benefit from it. With an education and work background in finance and economics, making contacts in that world applies well in the promotion of music. Being local and loving this art form gives him the ability to access contacts and make bigger and better things happen for PE.

Jack Easterday – DIRECTOR OF PRODUCTION – To produce an event many elements must be in place for the show to start. This goes further than just the stage at a Show. Communicating with website design, email communication and event promotion are all a part of production. Furthermore the audio and video recording has become a large part of an event. Mr. Easterday puts on many hats to pull this off. Background: Retired after 30 years in healthcare management. This past experience uniquely fits into the music as medicine future of PE.

Competitive Analysis

Other Venues – There are a number of “open mic” events about the bay area. These events cover many different genres of music. A couple other events overlap PE’s music genre but because of scheduling and the quality of PE’s live band, PE see’s these other events as associates rather than competitors. The Show format has the occasional similar organized event but not scheduled on a monthly basis like PE. Two locations, The Rex Hotel Society Cabaret in San Francisco and Angelicas in Redwood City have regular shows that center around a dinner and show. Again, PE sees these as associates and not as competitors. Similar to the auto mall where an individual dealer is more successful in the group rather than at a stand alone location.

Therapy – Other venues similar to PE exist and operate for the entertainment value of performance. PE embraces performance but is based more in the concept of therapy using music as medicine. Some individual musicians perform at retirement homes and convalescent hospitals paid by the activities department of the facility. PE hopes to change this model so music is scheduled as a therapy for the patients improved cognitive recognition. PE does not have competitors in this arena.


Performance Encore started in May 2016 and later in 2017 re-organized as a non-profit entity. In March 2017 it was assigned an Employer Identification Number. Application is in process for recognition of tax-exempt status under Internal Revenue Code Section 501(c)(3). Until approved, PE has partnered with fiscal agent Omnira Institute to assist with the benefits of non-profit status.


PE did not exist when Mr. Chia first started a passionate hobby interest. PE developed as the hobby interests grew and it’s success became apparent. To date, all costs and capital have been funded by Mr. Chia. The next step is to fund PE for it’s growth into an ongoing long-term entity. This music genre is not considered profitable. PE is reliant on donations, thus the organization is setup as a non-profit.

PE’s concept of organizing music as therapy for Alzheimer's patients is groundbreaking with the potential to be recognized as a therapy and funded by Medicare, Medicaid and insurance. This revenue source is a possibility but the process of funding application by conventional medical revenue sources has not yet been started.