Life as Performer

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My high school classmates did rock and roll but I played lead trombone and drum major for marching band. While playing for the musicals, I yearned to be the lead singer on stage. I did sing, songs from the latest musical I attended, but my audience was the buildings on California Street as I walked to the central bus station after my restaurant busing job. When serving military time in Vietnam my comrades were getting high listening to Jimi Hendrix, but I sang “Merry Christmas Darling” on a small reel to reel tape player to send to my child bride.


While attending a music event in the fall of 2014, my long forgotten passion for music was kindled. Voice lessons gave me courage to sing through the scar of throat cancer. After performing in front of friends and relatives I realized my entire life has been a performance in one way or another and singing has given me a performance encore. This rewarding and satisfying encore could not have happened without the talented voice coaching of Gina Harris, Ellen Johnson and now Karma Raines. Performances include numerous “open mic” events and organizing small venue music performances. My renewed passion for singing along with daily tennis matches has given my retirement performance a rewarding encore.

Nelson Chia