Life as Producer

Performance Encore is non-profit entity founded on the belief that music is therapy. Music therapy has a curative quality to those who perform and those who listen. I have founded Performance Encore to further pursue these beliefs in the following ways:

  1. To Provide a top venue for amateur and semi-professional jazz/cabaret vocalists in the San Francisco bay area.
  2. To produce a OPEN, meaning anyone may attend, pay the nominal fee of $20 (includes drink ticket) and in turn perform a song.  The audience is fellow performers and friends in a casual supportive group.  This is a great opportunity to realize your performing dream or to practice your performing talents in front of others with a live three piece band. OPENs meet twice monthly, second and forth Mondays.
  3. To produce a SHOW, meaning 4-5 vocalists perform a 20 minute set with a four piece band with lighting and staged to be a real performance. The audience attendance is 50-75 people who have discovered the enjoyable value of live performance. SHOWs are monthly and scheduled for the third Sunday of each month
  4. Secure a location centrally located for SF bay area performers.
  5. Orchestrate music performance as therapy/medicine in our retirement communities.
Nelson Chia