Stan Landfair

Soon to be released film "La La Court".  Jammed in a marble rich courtroom downtown San Francisco, morning session is being called and Mia, an incurable romantic mesmerized by the allure of the courtroom, is consumed between hearing tedious motions and her love of music. Stanley, a suavely charming soft-spoken jazz singer and debonair seasoned attorney is speaking to Judge Mia.  The courtroom suddenly breaks out in instruments, dancing and singing . . . . . .

You're right, I made the above up, but it might be the start of a successful movie.

Stan really is a debonair seasoned attorney in San Francisco representing very important issues affecting our lives.  We see and enjoy Stan standing on stage with a mic in his hand, a boyish grin on his face, singing "Mack the Knife".

Nelson Chiashow180218