Annemarie Ballinger

Annemarie has performed many lead and supporting roles in musicals and operas throughout the bay area and beyond.  She brings this wealth of experience and training to the worlds of cabaret and jazz.  In recent years, she has performed many solo cabaret and jazz shows at Society Cabaret, Angelicas, and the St.Francis Yacht club, in addition to other venues.  More about Annemarie on her website:  A seasoned musical theater/cabaret/jazz performer, she will take you on a musical journey to remember. "Damn good vocal chops for Gershwin songs, especially Porgy and Bess".  Richard Connema, "Talkin' Broadway".  "Versatile and gifted" cabaret artist with a voice reminiscent of "Doris Day with a mix of Marni Nixon", Richard Connema, "Talkin' Broadway".